Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is what I do instead of homework...

I organize my collections of things.

These are key charms from different places I visit and also larger antique keys on my wall.

This is the 1/3 of my book collection that actually fit properly on my bookshelves,
They also go perfectly in rainbow order. As do all my neclaces.

My mini robot collection.

Labeled are all the different categories of design clippings I packrat,
and inside the pink ice cream cone is my collection of lucky pennies haha.

The sad part is that I didn't have to clean up anything before I took those photos,
But what is troubling is that one shelf below those neatly arranged binders is this mess...

Maybe this is the real reason I dont do my homework.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why don't I just kill myself now and get it over with.

Kashiwa Sato is god, not kidding.
I just found out last night that he was the creative and art director of Tribeca's new Tokyo Bar.

That is on top of everything I said before.

Monday, September 17, 2007

… leave today and come back after 50 years…

Project IceLift technology

Discover great new technologies
Have fun with your great-grandchildren
Enjoy yields of your long-term investments
Day by day enjoy achievements of the new era

Let your body freeze.

(that is the icelift man phase one)

don't even ask how I found this site.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is sick!

The IAC building is so cool! How did I not hear about this before? I guess it opened back in March I think. Ever since I got back from Tokyo and Beijing I've felt that nyc is severely lacking the amazing contemporary architecture both those cities have. I wouldn't say this IAC building is quite, AMAZING, but it is a step in that direction, and its Frank Gehry's first structure in nyc! about time!

But the whole reason for me mentioning this building in the first place isn't the exterior architecture, its the sick interior!

Trollb├Ąck + Company designed and produced the graphics and ads, etc that's concept was concieved by Bruce Mau. (could they add a few more high profile names to the design of this structure if they tried?) They are an "open visual forum" played on one of the world's largest high-res video walls! Read the short desription of what they are like.

Hopefully they let random people in the building, haha cause next time I'm near chelsea, I'm so gunna take a walk over there.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm slightly obsessed

with this Slendy Eraser. Its only 2mm thick!
I bought it in Tokyo and it is seriously my favorite thing at the moment.
Great design, nice typography, and perfectly useful.
Don't you wish you had one too!

Monday, September 10, 2007

look and listen

There is something horribly satisfying about listening to the little background sound clip of this site looping endlessly.
ooo ya, and there is lotsa cool stuff on it too.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fellow Design Students...

This site is for us. hah. It has some funny posts, good advice, and helpful links.
(Some of it is a little lame, but it's entertaining none the less).

My favorite part is the description of "The Chosen One."
I immediately think of a handful of guys I'm friends with that each "think" they are, "the Chosen One." hahaaa

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I just found god.

...and his name is KASHIWA SATO.

wow. im in love.

that hot phone i posted before...him.
the UT store I posted about...him.
national art center tokyo, issey miyake fete, uniqlo soho, d0c0m0, parco, loft, the doreamon, tsutaya tokyo roppongi.
him him him him himmmmmm.

I need to just kill myself now. I will never compare.
his website is so hot too.