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Thesis posts #16-20

Thesis Post #20: TOMORROW! Tuesday, November 25, 2008
originally posted 11/24/08

SEMIR ZEKI and A S Byatt's Lecture

Neuroesthetics, Love and Literature

6pm at the University of Bristol, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Clifton

You do not even understand how much I want to meet this man!

more info


Thesis Post #19: The Human Visual System 101
originally posted 11/24/08

Lovely diagrams (well 3 of the 4), that break the visual system down to its basics...


Thesis Post #18: Fun!
originally posted 11/17/08

The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage

Not that the visuals are at all relevant to the music,
but it does go well with the beat and presents some fun optical illusions...

Thanks to my friend anna for showing it to me.

Thesis Post #17: Also see you here...
originally posted 11/12/08

Institute of Philosphy, School of Advanced Study: London Aesthetics Forum

4 Dec 2008
Toward a Non-Minimalist Conception of Aesthetic Experience
Jerrold Levinson

4pm-6pm in NG16, North Block, Senate House, WC1, London

Thesis Post #16: See you there...
originally posted 11/12/08

Autumn Art Lectures 2008
The Creative Brain: Conversations between Art and Science

25 November 2008
Neuroesthetics, Love and Literature
Semir Zeki and A S Byatt
(obviously going to be related to Zeki's book that comes out this week)

2 December 2008
Art Inspired by Science
Lizzie Burns and Karen Ingham

9 December 2008
In Two Minds: Neuroscience of Perception and Creativity
Mark Lythgoe and Richard Wentworth

15 December 2008
The Power of Art and Science to Understand the World
Paul Nurse and Jason Brooks



All events take place at 6pm in the University of Bristol, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Clifton.
Open to all, no prior booking.


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