Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thesis Post #38: Neuroaesthetics 101

So I have a Google Alert set for "neuroaesthetics" and "neuroesthetics" (people cannot agree on a spelling apparently). Anway, while it is a hot topic of research these days, it doesn't seem to get much press. Only 6 Alerts in the last few weeks, 3 of which were links to my own blog, other 3 I'd read before. boo

This morning an article from SEED Magazine came up. It is a few years old, and I'd seen it before, BUT I feel like I should post it and carry it in-hand at all times that I have to discuss my thesis project. Unfortunately it seems the second I say "neuroaesthetics," people seem to get so hung up on that word that they cannot pay attention to anything else I say afterward. This article was also good for me to go back and read after doing more in-depth research to remember what the big picture looks like.

So here it is...

p.s. If anyone reads this article and gets super into it,
I have pdf's of most of the studies discussed in it, I will gladly share them with you if you contact me.


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