Friday, March 27, 2009

Thesis Post #39: Latest Proposal

All of the students taking thesis now had to design a 11X17 layout to describe their thesis proposal.
I really wanted the medium to communicate the message. Here's mine...

"For my thesis project I am designing and curating an exhibition dealing with visual perception and neuroaesthetics in modern art. The exhibition is a re-visitation and re-evaluation of the MoMA’s landmark exhibition, “The Responsive Eye” in 1965 which introduced Op Art to the world and integrated psychological perception concepts into the analysis of art. In the 44 years since “The Responsive Eye,” research in the field has blossomed and most recently is taking on a more neurological approach called neuroaesthetics. My exhibition will aim to educate the public about this new field of study and suggest the slightly provocative concept that many of our subjective opinions regarding art actually have an objective neurological basis. The contents of the exhibition will include many of the key pieces from “The Responsive Eye,” but will also expands to incorporate other relevant pieces from the MoMA permanent collection, as well as work by vision scientists and other scientific information. My final project will include the exhibition layout and design, branding for the exhibition, gallery guide, exhibition catalogue, and other miscellaneous ephemeral."



Sam Gilbert said...

This is brilliant.

Sam Gilbert said...

I ordered this book yesterday on amazon. Thank you.

kaile said...

You ordered the exhibition catalog? awesome!

Most of the psychological information in it is based off Rudolph Arnheim's theories, if you want to read more about those I would definitely recommend "Art and Visual Perception" by him.

Or if you are more interested in neuroaesthetics, Semir Zeki's books "Inner Vision" and "Splendors and Miseries of the Brain" are fascinating.