Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, a bit of reformatting things...

I've decided as time progresses it is stupid to have this blog AND a separate thesis blog.
Too many things overlap and could be posted on both. Also in the future it will be annoying to look back on 2 blogs.

Sooo, I am moving all of the previous posts from my thesis blog to this one.
And in the future, I will post anything related to my thesis here.

On my website, there will be a link that will show all posts tagged as "thesis" so if you want to see only thesis stuff, you will still be able to see it alone.

Also, to make it even more obvious if a post is thesis-related, I will post a marker (normally at the beginning of a post), so if you're scrolling through they'll stand out. It will also link you to a page of all my thesis-related posts.

Hope this makes sense.

And just a little forewarning, at first this blog is going to get a little loaded up with all those old thesis posts, but, they should be interesting regardless. After that though, everything will be seamless, and much much better : )


(fyi I am not going to delete anything off of that blog, the most recent post
on it will just send you to a link of thesis-related posts from this blog.)

To summarize...

Link to PJODI blog.
(Where you are now, which will now include thesis.)

Link to view ONLY thesis posts.

Link to dead-no-longer-updated thesis blog.

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